We here in the Boneyard believe Scouting is a major component of a successful season, both on and off the field.   Scouting provides strategy for the competition, as well as teaches students interpersonal and communication skills.  Along with improving the mechanics of Scouting, we have changed the perception and culture for the better. Our approach is very hands on and we mimic the field as much as possible in all of our scouting tools.   Our forms are well thought out and their ease of use have changed scouting from an undesirable and often hard task (especially for our neurodiverse and/or non-tech students) to a rewarding job well done by our members. Due to our undeniable success, we want to share our resources with other teams to spread the mission of FIRST.

Linked below are Scouting Resources from  2020’s Game, Infinite Recharge, as well as 2019’s game, Destination Deep Space.

2020 Infinite Recharge Scouting Forms

2019 Destination: Deep Space Scouting Forms