RoBlog #2: Programming Progress (1/29/2018)

Grayson Amendt, Boneyard Programming Captain: “So far, we have gotten an understanding of how robots work and have started making advanced programs for test robots. We currently only have two veterans on the programming team and the rest of us are rookies. Based on our current status of little prior experience across the team, we have been going strong with a working teleop drive train system and an auto program that can navigate an obstacle course using encoders and gyroscopes. We have been adding code to support many gyro’s which has proved to be quite the challenge. Without a finished robot, our progress has been limited by the lack of features on the test robots. However, we have ‘powered’ through these limitations and have accomplished a lot based on our current rookie status. In the upcoming weeks, we hope to learn how to do proper vision and hope to get a working final robot.”


RoBlog #1: Robot Progress (1/27/2018)

Thomas Benthall, Boneyard Engineering Member: “So far, we have been working on getting our intakes completed; we have gone through multiple prototypes in which included a pneumatics prototype and a motorized wheel intake. We have also been working on getting our mast to raise and lower our box gripper. We are thinking on using a simple pulley system. We have also worked on settling on a drivetrain system. First, we have thought on using a butterfly drivetrain, but now, we are thinking about using a more common Omni drivetrain. This past week, we have started to finalize specifications and have now started cutting aluminum for the finished robot.”

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