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Our Motto: Controlled Chaos

South Central High School started the original Pitt County FIRST Robotics team in 2008 season. The team’s original sponsor was Mr. James Harris.  The inaugural team was called the “Falconators” after the South Central mascot, the Falcons.  The Falconators were a small group of students and were mentored that first year by Team 435, the Robodogs out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

After the first year, the team began expanding and adding team members from other local high schools.  Recognizing the need to expand membership, the team name was changed to the Pitt Pirates – as we were all from Pitt County and the Pirate mascot had universal appeal.  Each year since the 2008 season, we have increased our membership and representation  from the local high schools.  Our team is still growing because we recruit from all six high schools in Pitt County.

This year the Pitt Pirates got so big that they decided to add another team to allow more students from the six high schools in Pitt County to participate in FRC. The team that was added it the Boneyard Robotics. Boneyard Robotics is consisted of about twenty students and five mentors. Like the Pitt Pirates we decided to keep our mascot based around the Pirate theme.

 2015 was the first year that we attended competitions. Our competitions are:




District Competition- Winterville
District Competition – Raleigh
NC District Championship – Charlotte


District Competition- Greensboro
District Competition – Raleigh
NC District Championship – Charlotte


North Carolina Regional – Raleigh, NC
Chesapeake Bay Regional –   Chesapeake Bay, VA

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