Chairman’s Video Released!

Boneyard Robotics is a diverse, supportive, and accepting FIRST family which serves as a benevolent, creative, and inspiring home to build a better future for all. In the Boneyard, we view each individual team member as an important asset to our team family.  We celebrate our accomplishments as a team as well as our strengths as individuals.

In difficult times like these, even as we are sad to miss out on our planned trip to the World Championships this weekend, we are recharged by the knowledge that with our FIRST family, here in NC as well as worldwide, that we are stronger together.  Each team has done great things, built great robots, and made great memories! We now face this challenge just like those before….by pulling together, getting to work, and contributing to our communities.  We are building a better future for all.

In celebration of our seniors, we are excited to release our 2020 Chairman’s video.  This season certainly did not end the way we expected, but we are so proud of you! To our class of 2020, Arch, Chiante, Isaac, Kayla, Kyle, Macayla, and Nicholas, we are glad you are part of our Boneyard family, and we are excited to see what your future holds!

The Scouting Collaborative

Coopertition. It’s at the heart of FIRST.

Boneyard Robotics wants to take Coopertition to the next level in North Carolina. We have started The Scouting Collaborative so that teams can share scouting information at FRC events.

But, it’s not just scouting how teams score. Yes, there are going to be match scouting sheets, but also pit scouting, and drive team scouting (a new type of scouting that tracks the interaction between drive teams on the alliance).

Are you a rookie team or do you have a small team? No worries. The Collaborative is designed to help you out. Here’s how it works:

Teams in the Collaborative provide students to handle pit scouting and scout matches at all NC FRC events.

After a set number of matches (usually 6-8), paper scouting sheets are scanned, digital scouting information is collected, and both are uploaded online for all Collaborative teams to access.

The goal is to have all data available at two critical times during a competition. The first is shortly after competition wraps up for the day on Saturday, so that your team will have important information for your Saturday night drive team meeting. The second is at the end of qualifying matches, so your team has the information you need to make wise choices in alliance selection.

Not going to a competition, but want to see what other teams are able to do? No problem. All members of the Collaborative are able to access the scouting sheets from all teams in all matches at all NC FRC competitions.

Interested? Have questions? Want to join? Send us an email!

Introducing the POP Alliance

Originally, the Piece Of the Puzzle Alliance (POP). The idea for this came from Boneyard Robotics wanting teams to come together to help build a better future for all students. Learn more about our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive FIRST community at

Why Piece Of the Puzzle? The puzzle piece has become an international symbol for autism and is embraced by many in the autism community, including the autism organization that Boneyard partners with locally. Boneyard realized several years ago that there were several students on the team who happened to be on the autism spectrum. They were key pieces of the team and helped make the team better. At the same time, being on the team helped them as well.

That realization was a powerful moment – one where the Boneyard had found its true purpose, and the way they could have the largest impact on their community and others.

After that first year, it became a part of Boneyard’s mission to actively seek to help include these underserved students. But, why stop with Boneyard? There are neurodiverse students everywhere (1 in 59 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and even more when considering other neurological disorders). By working together with teams in other communities, they could have an impact on these students everywhere.

When FIRST teams work together, they form an alliance. Each team that joins would become a piece of the puzzle and, working together and learning from each other, we can build a better world where students, through FIRST, use their talents and grow, in STEM fields and in life.

We believe that sensitivity is a part of inclusion. During its efforts to grow the alliance, Boneyard became aware that some in the international autism community are adverse to the puzzle piece as a symbol for autism. Although we had already started growing the alliance and building its graphics and its brand, we felt it was important to make a change so that all would feel welcome.

When looking for a new name, we only had to look at the reason we were doing this – to share the power of our purpose and equip others to do the same.

We hope you will consider joining the Power Of Purpose Alliance. Here, we will encourage teams to join, share resources, and work together to make a difference in our own communities to welcome, empower, and inspire these underserved students for the future.

Boneyard Robotics on FIRST Robotics Competition Twitter

After being announced as Chairman’s Finalist at the World Championships in Houston, Boneyard was featured on the FIRST Robotics Competition Twitter! Check it out!


It has taken 5 years, loads of hard work, and a dedication to helping others, but there is a blue banner hanging in the Boneyard! Boneyard Robotics won the Chairman’s Award at the Wake County District competition on March 10, 2019.

We are so very excited to be recognized for reaching out to others and serve their needs while making the Boneyard and FIRST a more inclusive place.

Our mentors are manning the quiet room (we call it the Quiet Space to go along with this year’s theme) at all NC FRC competitions this year. It’s something we developed with a Certified Advanced Autism Specialist to make sure we were able to meet the needs of our neurodiverse population. In space, noone can hear you scream. At NC FRC events, EVERYBODY screams! That can get a bit overwhelming for some folks. If the noise, lights, and action has you stressted, please stop by the Quiet Space, relax for a few minutes, de-stress, then go back out refreshed.

Remember, there’s room for everybody in the Boneyard!

Last Day Before Cuts!

Hey guys! We got a lot done today (wooohoooo!!) Here’s what we did:


We made a group chat (definitely not to share memes ;). We also prepped to present our Stop The Bleed event with a skit/powerpoint.


We just finished our course in Java (yay!) and they all ran perfectly (mostly). Can’t wait to work with you all!


We had a test today (boo!!) on identifying the different parts of a robot. Fingers crossed that

Calling All New Parents!

You are invited to come learn all about the Robotics Experience (aka everything we “old” parents WISH someone had told us!!) while your child is meeting with the teams over the next few weeks. We will cover topics such as:

  • What your child should do to get on a team
  • What your child should/should not do to STAY on a team
  • What to expect during build season
  • What to expect at competitions
  • Travel information
  • Fundraising and outreach
  • How FRC helps with college
  • How you can help us!
  • whatever else we think of!

Interested?  Then come join us at 7 PM at South Central High School (room location TBA) on the following Tuesdays:  9/25 and 10/2

(more dates may be added as needed)

Contact Paula Main for more info:

Sponsored by Team 2682 Boneyard (but we exclude no one – Pirate wannabes and “old” parents from both teams are very much welcome!)

Boneyard Robotics Team 2682

Boneyard Robotics is part of the International FIRST Robotics Competition centered in Pitt County, NC dedicated to generating interest in science, technology, & engineering among youth.

What is our Mission?

Boneyard Robotics is a diverse, supportive, and accepting FIRST family which serves as a benevolent, creative, and inspiring home to build a better future for all.

What is First?


To achieve its goal, FIRST allows students to compete with other teams from around the world in a robotics competition, In the FIRST competition, students construct and control a robot to compete in a playoff whose objective changes every year. The competition allows students to make the important connection between classroom lessons and real world applications while providing them with an opportunity to shine. By fostering increased collaboration between schools, businesses and universities, FIRST serves as a unique catalyst for an invigorating exchange of resources and talent, while highlighting mutual needs, building cooperation, and exposing students to new career choices.