The Scouting Collaborative

Coopertition. It’s at the heart of FIRST.

Boneyard Robotics wants to take Coopertition to the next level in North Carolina. We have started The Scouting Collaborative so that teams can share scouting information at FRC events.

But, it’s not just scouting how teams score. Yes, there are going to be match scouting sheets, but also pit scouting, and drive team scouting (a new type of scouting that tracks the interaction between drive teams on the alliance).

Are you a rookie team or do you have a small team? No worries. The Collaborative is designed to help you out. Here’s how it works:

Teams in the Collaborative provide students to handle pit scouting and scout matches at all NC FRC events.

After a set number of matches (usually 6-8), paper scouting sheets are scanned, digital scouting information is collected, and both are uploaded online for all Collaborative teams to access.

The goal is to have all data available at two critical times during a competition. The first is shortly after competition wraps up for the day on Saturday, so that your team will have important information for your Saturday night drive team meeting. The second is at the end of qualifying matches, so your team has the information you need to make wise choices in alliance selection.

Not going to a competition, but want to see what other teams are able to do? No problem. All members of the Collaborative are able to access the scouting sheets from all teams in all matches at all NC FRC competitions.

Interested? Have questions? Want to join? Send us an email!