It has taken 5 years, loads of hard work, and a dedication to helping others, but there is a blue banner hanging in the Boneyard! Boneyard Robotics won the Chairman’s Award at the Wake County District competition on March 10, 2019.

We are so very excited to be recognized for reaching out to others and serve their needs while making the Boneyard and FIRST a more inclusive place.

Our mentors are manning the quiet room (we call it the Quiet Space to go along with this year’s theme) at all NC FRC competitions this year. It’s something we developed with a Certified Advanced Autism Specialist to make sure we were able to meet the needs of our neurodiverse population. In space, noone can hear you scream. At NC FRC events, EVERYBODY screams! That can get a bit overwhelming for some folks. If the noise, lights, and action has you stressted, please stop by the Quiet Space, relax for a few minutes, de-stress, then go back out refreshed.

Remember, there’s room for everybody in the Boneyard!